Middle School Aerospace Scholars (MAS) Application

NOTE: The application deadline for the 2006 MAS sessions was March 10, 2006. Applications for the 2007 MAS sessions will be available
in October 2006. Thank you!

Overview & Instructions
Eligible teams of Texas middle school teachers are invited to apply to experience a summer professional development experience at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX. Teachers may apply in teams of 2 (math, science) or 4 (math, science, language arts, social studies) from the same school. School Administrators are welcome to join MAS teams and may be substituted for a social studies or language arts teacher. To apply, complete the online application, which contains information from each individual team member. Accurate e-mail addresses for each team member and the school Principal are REQUIRED in the application process.

Summer Workshop at JSC
During the one-week summer workshop at JSC, teachers will learn to integrate NASA instructional materials into their own classroom curriculum and develop an "action plan" to be implemented during the following school year. Behind-the-scenes tours of JSC, presentations by engineers, scientists, and astronauts, and instruction on accessing NASA's numerous online resources make this a unique professional development opportunity for educators. Transportation, lodging, meals, and related activities are funded under this program. Funding is provided by the State of Texas and administered by the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Distance Learning Component
Selected teams will participate in three distance learning events at their own schools during the following school year. These events focus on the same topics covered during the summer workshop and provide special opportunities for students to interact with experts in the space program. During the summer workshop, teachers will receive in-depth instruction on how to participate in these video teleconferences from their own schools and/or school districts.

Statement of Support
As part of the application process, a statement of support from the Principal for each team is required. Once your team has submitted an application online, an e-mail message will automatically be sent to your Principal requesting the statement of support. Applications without these supporting documents are incomplete and ineligible for consideration. Accurate e-mail addresses for each team member and your Principal are essential.

Teams of 2
The dates for the summer workshops for two-member teams (math, science) are June 18-23, 2006 and June 25-30, 2006.

Teams of 4
The date for the summer workshop for four-member teams (math, science, language arts, social studies) is July 9-14, 2006. A school administrator (Principal, Asst. Principal) may be substituted for the language arts or social studies member on Teams of 4.

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